The Göttingen Alumni Network connects more than 30,000 former students and graduates with Göttingen University and its current work, teaching and research. Whether you are looking to keep in touch with old friends and class mates from your time in Göttingen or want to share your ideas, experience and expertise - your contribution makes this network a thriving and lively community. There are ample opportunities for you to network with fellow professionals and likeminded people at Alumni events in Göttingen and in cities across Germany, Asia and the USA. You can also connect online via the Alumni Portal and several social networks.

Calendars for New Members

As a little present the next 200 new members of the Alumni Göttingen association will receive a beautiful calendar 2021 from the brand Leuchtturm 1917 with the University of Göttingen logo. Even if the year has already started, you can still use the beautiful calendar for the next months and scribbling a little is always a nice thing.

Note: With retroactive effect to March 1, 2021. For every new club membership, we use the address indicated at your registration for shipping.

Upcoming Events

19:00 h

Global Cooperation for Climate Risk Insurance | Alumni Göttingen Online

Netzwerk Wirtschaftswissenschaften
19:00 h

Das Onkologische Spitzenzentrum und Perspektiven der Krebsforschung in Göttingen | Alumni Göttingen Online

Netzwerk Medizin
21.11. - 28.11.2021
all day

Adam von Trott Ambassadors of Change International Alumni Program 2021

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Everything about Alumni Göttingen

What is Alumni Göttingen actually doing? How can you become a member and what do you support with your membership? Here we answer frequently asked questions. Contact us by phone or email if you have any further unanswered queries or questions.

What is the Alumni Göttingen Association doing?

Alumni Göttingen e.V. is a non-profit association and is the bridge that connects the University with its alumni beyond their studies. While membership has a nostalgic value for some, the Association also pursues non-profit goals. Our Alumni Association supports the University of Göttingen in maintaining contact with its alumni – for a lively scientific community for the benefit of all. Support for the University and its current students comes from alumni worldwide, they enable exchange between science and society and act as ambassadors.

Alumni Göttingen e.V. is responsible for consolidating the worldwide alumni network. The Association is committed to equal opportunities in academic education and the exchange of knowledge beyond studies. The exchange between alumni, students and researchers is paramount to our work.

How do I become a member of the Association?

Without a user profile: If you are not yet registered on the portal, register via our portal and select the relevant membership status.

With user profile: Do you already have a user profile on the portal? Log in at and click on "Edit profile" at the top right. You can now change your membership status under the “Membership” tab. Switch from "Network only (free of charge)" to your chosen club membership.

You have not studied on our campus and still want to be part of our network? We comprehend the term “alumni” as a broader concept and welcome friends and supporters of the University to our network.

What do I support with my club membership?

As a non-profit organization, Alumni Göttingen e.V. lives from contributions made by its members, that reaches from personal commitment to donations. With an association membership you strengthen the exchange of alumni among each other and today´s students. You are also welcome to get involved and create offers that shape our network.

With your financial contribution you support ...

  • Fundraising projects, such as the annual Christmas donation campaign for institutions on campus and research projects.
  • Projects for students, such as the alumni4students lecture series and the mentoring program.
  • Activities of the alumni network, such as the annual Göttingen Alumni-Day, our regional groups and faculty networks.
  • Your contribution supports partly the network of your former faculty (according to the first faculty indicated on your profile), provided the faculty has established a network within the Alumni Association.

Would you like to know more? You can view the club's detailed financial plan for the current year here. Do you want to have a say? Make use of your say and vote at the annual general meeting what the budget should be used for in the future.

What advantages does a club membership offer me?

On the one hand, membership is meaningful. You support charitable projects and your former educational institution. On the other hand, you also enjoy some advantages.

As a member of Alumni Göttingen e.V.

  • you can directly help shape the alumni work: At the general meeting you can influence the use of donations and the filling of the board positions.
  • you can participate in the mentoring program.
  • we invite you to our events before all other alumni, so that you are always guaranteed a place.
  • receive the University newspaper uni|inform digitally and free of charge by subscription and even by post if you wish.
  • you can take advantage of special conditions in many Göttingen hotels and at events held by our partners.

For association members we also provide an alumni membership card that you can order online. Simply log into the portal and upload a picture in your profile settings under the "Membership" tab. With the ID you identify yourself as a member of the University. The chip card with photo and an integrated wallet offers members in Göttingen the same advantages as when they were studying:

  • Discounted participation in the Göttingen University Sports Center (including FIZ)
  • Cashless payment in the canteens of the Göttingen Studentenwerk
  • Free use of the Lower Saxony State and University Library (SUB), which is also accessible online after a one-time registration on site.

Can I already become a member as a student?

Yes, definitely. It is worth joining the Association while you are still studying. We have a reduced annual fee for students of € 10. The alumni network makes it easier to start your career, because a good network opens many doors. Alumni are by your side as mentors even during your studies, whether for professional orientation or internships.

What does a club membership cost?

We have created a contribution model that takes into account your current situation. Students pay an annual fee of € 10. Alumni can decide whether they want to choose a standard contribution of € 30 or donate a higher amount.

What can I do if I cannot pay the membership fee, but still want to become a member of the Association?

We want to give all alumni access to the Association without exception, so membership should not depend on financial circumstances. In exceptional cases, you can therefore apply for a free membership. In this case, please write to us personally at or call us at 0551 39-26211.

How can I support the Alumni Association?

The possibilities are numerous:

  • pass on your knowledge in the mentoring program or in the alumni4students lectures
  • get involved in groups
  • support students with the Deutschlandstipendium-scholarship or support our donation projects
  • go to How can I get involved?, choose where you want to get involved.

Our Association lives from the commitment of many. The more open we are to new ideas and projects, the livelier our network becomes.

How do I join a group?

There are two types of groups: faculty networks and interest groups. When you register, you will automatically be assigned to one or several faculty network(s), depending on the faculty you have indicated on your profile. All other groups can be found in the interest groups section, where you can click on the desired thematic group and join using the “Gruppe beitreten” button.
Please note that groups are either in German or English but not in two languages.

How does Alumni Göttingen e.V. work?

As a non-profit association, we are organized democratically. The general meeting takes place once a year. As a club member, you can exercise your voting rights at this annual meeting. The Executive Committeeis elected by the members and has the decision-making power. The board makes all decisions based on the Associations´ statutes. All members are allowed to contribute to the groups and faculty networks and help shape them.

Changes in 2021

The following changes are not due to the pandemic, but are based on the need to separate the University and Association structures more clearly. For Alumni Göttingen e. V., above all, this offers new opportunities: more responsibility with greater creative freedom and thus better support for the University and its students.

What will change in the collaboration between the University and the Alumni Association?

The University and Alumni Göttingen e. V. will continue to work very closely together in the future. The representation of the presidium on the board ensures this strategically. Organizationally, the Association and the University will be more clearly separated. The organizational separation has the following effects:

  • the alumni portal will be managed by the Association in the future,
  • the Association pays rent for the premises of the alumni office in the University rooms,
  • additional hiring of employees in order to be able to coordinate lively and enriching alumni work,
  • Alumni Göttingen e. V. becomes the central designer of the alumni work and the bridge to the University for all alumni.

Why is the Alumni Association taking over the portal from the University?

So far, the almuni portal has been the responsibility of the University. In the course of the organizational separation of the Alumni Association and the University, this portal is now also organizationally handed over to the Association. With the handover, a clearer separation between the Association and the University will also be implemented here. The portal currently contains University and club member data. With the decision to hand over the portal, only member data may be included in the future.

What happens if I don't want to become a club member?

All network members who previously had a user account on the Alumni Portal without being a paying association member have two options:

  • You decide not to become a member of the Association and the user profile with all data will be automatically deleted from the alumni portal on April 30, 2021. Nevertheless, you will continue to receive the University's alumni newsletter as usual and you are cordially invited to all alumni events.
  • You decide to switch from a network member to a paid club membership and keep the user profile on the alumni portal as usual. In addition, you can enjoy the advantages mentioned under “What are the advantages of being a member of a club?”.

Membership in Alumni Göttingen can be concluded and terminated at any time.

How can I cancel my membership and delete my user account?

If you want to leave the Alumni Association, you can delete your profile in the alumni portal. Your contact details will then be irrevocably deleted from the system and you can no longer use the advantages of the alumni network. Your club membership expires at the turn of the year. Log in at and click on "Edit profile" at the top right. Scroll all the way down and click on "Delete profile and user account" at the bottom right.
Membership in the Association can also be terminated by post or email.