The Göttingen Alumni Network connects more than 30,000 former students and graduates with Göttingen University and its current work, teaching and research. Whether you are looking to keep in touch with old friends and class mates from your time in Göttingen or want to share your ideas, experience and expertise - your contribution makes this network a thriving and lively community. There are ample opportunities for you to network with fellow professionals and likeminded people at Alumni events in Göttingen and in cities across Germany, Asia and the USA. You can also connect online via the Alumni Portal and several social networks.

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The Alumni Göttingen Network membership is free of charge. In addition, you can become a member of the Göttingen Alumni Association (Alumni Göttingen e. V.) and join the 5000+ Alumni who are already members. The Göttingen alumni Association is a non-profit organisation. Membership enables you to get involved and actively shape your Alumni Association. It also offers you a variety of extra benefits.

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10 Questions: 100 Alumni

Did you know that Rita Süßmuth, Gerhard Schröder and Peter Klöppel studied at Georg-August-University? They are all part of a long list of well-known people, who spent a formative time of their life in Göttingen. In cooperation with the local newspaper “Göttinger Tageblatt“, we asked the popular people about their studies in Göttingen. Find out more...

Upcoming Events

18:30 h

Verleihung des »Christian-Gottlob-Heyne-Preises« 2020 | GSGG

19:00 h

Die Selfish-Brain-Theorie: Was chronischer Stress mit unserem Körper macht. | Alumni Göttingen Online

17:00 h

Mitgliederversammlung Alumni Göttingen e.V.


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Nice Time Back in Göttingen | Alumni-Day 2020

2020 was the first virtual Alumni-Day at the University of Göttingen and we are thrilled. Our conclusion: the virtual Alumni-Day was a success and in the future we are aiming for a hybrid event to involve alumni worldwide. We had a lot of fun and it wasn't just the team ...

Life-long learning | Alumni Göttingen Online

One hour, one topic and an alumna or alumnus of the University: Join the Alumni Göttingen Online talks, learn new things and start a conversation. This series is your chance to exchange ideas and network with alumni worldwide.

Real Encounters – Help Students Have a Proper Semester!

University-wide voluntary corona tests for a better semester. With 30 euros you enable one of around 30,000 students to take part in the course in person. Remember what made your student days so special. With your contribution you can now return that to a student today.

How can we inspire you?

How can we inspire even more alumni? What are the strengths and weaknesses of Alumni Göttingen? With our survey in August 2020 we asked for the opinion of our alumni in order to have as many as possible with us and to develop our future plans together.

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News from your University and university city. Learn more about the developments in your alma mater, about new research, the University, news from Göttingen and other Alumni.

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