The following changes are not due to the pandemic, but are based on the need to separate the University and Association structures more clearly. For Alumni Göttingen e. V., above all, this offers new opportunities: more responsibility with greater creative freedom and thus better support for the University and its students.

What will change in the collaboration between the University and the Alumni Association?

The University and Alumni Göttingen e. V. will continue to work very closely together in the future. The representation of the presidium on the board ensures this strategically. Organizationally, the Association and the University will be more clearly separated. The organizational separation has the following effects:

  • the alumni portal will be managed by the Association in the future,
  • the Association pays rent for the premises of the alumni office in the University rooms,
  • additional hiring of employees in order to be able to coordinate lively and enriching alumni work,
  • Alumni Göttingen e. V. becomes the central designer of the alumni work and the bridge to the University for all alumni.

Why is the Alumni Association taking over the portal from the University?

So far, the almuni portal has been the responsibility of the University. In the course of the organizational separation of the Alumni Association and the University, this portal is now also organizationally handed over to the Association. With the handover, a clearer separation between the Association and the University will also be implemented here. The portal contained University and club member data. With the decision to hand over the portal, only member data may be included in the future.

How is the future communication going?

Until now, all our association members have received a newsletter four times a year. Here is a short explanation from whom you will receive the newsletters in the future - now that University and Association are more clearly separated:

  • In the future, we will tell you about news from the Association or from your faculty network with a newsletter twice a year.
  • The University also sends a newsletter twice a year to all its alumni. You will receive a newsletter from the University or your former faculty in the spring and summer. If you do not receive this newsletter but would like to receive it in the future, please feel free to email us at with "University Newsletter Subscription" in the subject line.