As a non-profit organization, Alumni Göttingen e.V. lives from contributions made by its members, that reaches from personal commitment to donations. With an association membership you strengthen the exchange of alumni among each other and today´s students. You are also welcome to get involved and create offers that shape our network.

With your financial contribution you support ...

  • Fundraising projects, such as the annual Christmas donation campaign for institutions on campus and research projects.
  • Projects for students, such as the alumni4students lecture series and the mentoring program.
  • Activities of the alumni network, such as the annual Göttingen Alumni-Day, our regional groups and faculty networks.
  • Your contribution supports partly the network of your former faculty (according to the first faculty indicated on your profile), provided the faculty has established a network within the Alumni Association.

Would you like to know more? You can view the club's detailed financial plan for the current year here. Do you want to have a say? Make use of your say and vote at the annual general meeting what the budget should be used for in the future.