Alumni Göttingen runs its own garden near the Kiessee. It gives students the opportunity to garden together, to implement projects related to sustainability, nutrition and sustainable land use. Thanks to the generosity of a friend of the Alumni Association the allotment is at our disposal. The WissenWecken foundation financially supports the projects.

Four ongoing projects in the garden:

  • The University's Foyer International, which implements a wide variety of encounter formats for German and international students, organizes sustainability workshops, for example on the topic of "Beyond Waste Separation" and has created its own bed using permaculture methods.
  • The University's environmental science group Basisgruppe Umweltwissenschaften is investigating how to grow crops for our cuisine with few resources, for example, with low water consumption. The selection of plants is also very exciting: Rather unknown edible arable herbs are cultivated and tasted, which are well suited for salads and as spices.
  • The Göttingen Nutrition Council Ernährungsrat Göttingen has created a nutrition education project for young people in which students grow their own vegetables and prepare dishes from them. As a group, they can experience the entire process together, from working the soil to sowing and harvesting, and learn about the colorful variety of vegetables.
  • The group of students from the Sustainable International Agriculture master's program is focusing on crop diversity, including how different types of vegetables benefit each other when grown together in a mixed plot. They are also looking into the question of how to obtain valuable humus and natural fertilizers even in the smallest of spaces, for example for the balcony garden.

Do you have your own project idea for the garden in mind or would you like to garden with us?
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