Mentoring is the most beautiful way how former and current students of the University of Göttingen can learn with and from each other.

Mentoring - What is it?

Mentoring is an effective instrument for the targeted promotion of young talent and is based on the transfer of experience and knowledge as well as individual support in that a more experienced person (mentor) accompanies a less experienced person (mentee) in an individual process. The aim is to support the mentee in his or her professional and personal development and to create an experience-led exchange that generates added value for both sides.

Advantages of the mentoring relationship

A mentoring program offers many opportunities for both mentee and mentor and is a profitable process for both parties.


  • can discuss professional and personal issues with an experienced person.
  • gain clarity about professional goals and career-relevant formal and informal knowledge.
  • reflect on and strengthen their own competencies.
  • make contacts for their professional future.


  • gain insight into the situation of students.
  • experience new views, impulses and perspectives through the exchange with the mentee.
  • reflect on their own biography and work.
  • strengthen their own counseling and leadership skills.


Are you interested in becoming part of a mentoring program? You can find out more information and how it works under the tabs Become a Mentor and Become a Mentee.

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