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Be connected for life.
Your basic contribution ensures that we, the Alumni Office, stay in touch with you and other alumni. We provide you with interesting news from the University and Göttingen, organize the annual Alumni Day, and create a forum where you can engage with students and other alumni.

Feel a lifetime of enthusiasm.
Your contribution makes the Alumni Göttingen network even more vibrant: In addition to the faculty networks in Göttingen, we are expanding the alumni community with regional and thematic networks - in Germany and worldwide. We want the 'Göttingen Spirit' to be felt everywhere.

Staying inquisitive and curious throughout your life.
With our Inspirer contribution, you enable personal and career opportunities for Göttingen students and alumni. For example, you support our mentoring program, workshops and conferences. Draw new impulses from the encounters, knowledge and experiences of other alumni.

Es ist nie zu früh, Teil des weltumspannenden Alumni-Netzwerks zu werden!
Sie erwarten inspirierende Persönlichkeiten, spannendes Input, Mentoring-Angebote, Gleichgesinnte sowie Unterstützung für Ihre Projekte und eine Welt der Möglichkeiten.


In addition to my regular annual fee I want to further support by donating a voluntary annual the additional fee. This may be debited together with my regular annual fee every year.

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