What is it like to be a doctor in the current situation in Germany? How is the atmosphere in a hospital and what gives the staff power? Dr. med. Anika Badtke, Alumna of the Faculty of Medicine, gives us an insight into her very personal experience and work in a hospital in Göttingen. #ZumWohleAller

What exactly is your job at the moment and which ward are you working in?
I work in the hospital as an internist and have recently been reassigned to an intensive care unit.

How would you describe the current atmosphere at work in one sentence?
The mood at work is a bit like "the lull before the storm", because we are waiting for corona patients with artificial respiration, but we are currently "only" treating suspected cases.

How has your day-to-day work changed in the past three weeks?
The planned inpatient hospital admissions have been postponed. Only urgent cases are treated in the clinic, so that the wards are currently still quite empty. We do this to have enough space for the coming COVID patients in the next few weeks.

The mood at work is a bit like "the lull before the storm"

What motivated you to become a doctor?
Working with a wide variety of people, both the patient and the entire team in the hospital (nurses, physiotherapists, doctors from other disciplines, etc.) is very exciting and fulfilling. I have always been highly interested in the human body and the possible therapies for various diseases. I am an internist and feel like a detective when I am looking for the right diagnosis and I am happy when the patient has been helped and she or he has been able to discharge the hospital with improved symptoms.

What gives you energy right now? What comforts you in these challenging times?
My social environment, which thanks to my roommates is still present in everyday life, as well as my other friends whom I call regurlarly. Also good food and a run every now and then around the Kiessee.
I am glad that I previously already gained experience in an intensive care unit and that I will soon be able to use the knowledge I have gained again to help and hopefully also heal people.

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