Everything is new in May, as the saying goes – this is also true for the design of Alumni Göttingen. Learn more about how the logo and design came about, get greeted in a video message from the new University President and find out about latest changes as well as opportunities to get involved and have a say in Alumni Göttingen. Plus, for all you Händel-Fans we are giving away tickets to the online dates of this year's Digital Festival. More event tips at the bottom of this post.

A greeting from the President to all alumni

"You contribute to the name of our University spreading all over the world, being respected all over the world, and you are ambassadors of our University." Every year, thousands of students leave Göttingen University. As alumni, they carry with them the memories and experiences of this special period of their lives. As the new President of the University, Metin Tolan welcomes all alumni worldwide with a video from Wilhelmsplatz. Prof. Dr. Metin Tolan has been President of the University of Göttingen since April 1, 2021. Watch the video

A new look for Alumni Göttingen

Hooray - it is done! For a long time Alumni Göttingen was supposed to get a fresh new look, especially our website was getting old. After twelve months of work we proudly present the new face of Alumni Göttingen including a new logo. Let us take a look back at the development and especially at the committed people that have lent us a hand. Who are the alumni and people who got involved? How was the foundation laid for the new look? How did it come to this final design, the new logo and what does the brand "Alumni Göttingen" stand for now? Read more

Alumni in portrait: Our data protection officer

"I firmly believe in the positive effects that result from an exchange across generations. Being a member of Alumni Göttingen is a great way to stay in touch with your alma mater," says our alum and new honorary data protection officer Alexander Döring. In the portrait we introduce the alum of the Faculty of Law. Read more in German

Photo: Alexander Döring

Honorary positions to be filled

Alumni work thrives on the commitment of alumni. Currently, we are looking for creative writers who would like to join our editorial team. In addition, the faculty networks of economics, law, medicine, mathematics and computer science, forestry, biology and psychology, chemistry, physics, as well as the network of the Faculty of Humanities including classical philology currently offer the opportunity to help shape the network development and to run for a board office.

Cooperate with the University
Alumni Göttingen is your bridge to the Úniversity. Contact our team, we will gladly arrange contacts in your alma mater.

Photo: Peter Heller

Alumni Online Events and Content

Inspiring Connections // Alumni recruit Alumni

You are in contact with other alumni of the University of Göttingen and would like to support Alumni Göttingen e.V.? If you manage to recruit two friends from your student days for the Alumni Association, you will receive a bottle of Gänseliesel sparkling wine as a thank you.
Note: the recruited person can give your name when registering and we will send the sparkling wine to your home. This offer is not valid for recruiting student memberships.

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