Another year has passed – and what a year. The pandemic has affected everyone in one way or another. It was particularly important to us during this time to be in touch with you. With the lockdown in spring, we began to intensify our communication and organize virtual events for you. But our alumni have also campaigned for their former University: With exciting talks at online events and countless donations! Only thanks to our alumni we were able to help many students in need. In October we called once more for donations in order to help students to have a proper semester – over 10,000 euros have already been donated for the Campus-Covid-Screen. Thank you very much for that!

“This is just amazing to be able to connect to all you lovely people online which wouldn´t have been possible for me else.” and “Thank you for the effort. A great event ... it was great back in Göttingen!” We are amazed by so much positive feedback on the first virtual Alumni-Day. We, the Alumni-Team, also had a lot of fun. If you missed homecoming 2020, check out this link. You will find among other things Göttingen songs and the annual review of our President Prof. Dr. Reinhard Jahn.

Read this newsletter to find out more about a special kind of coaching, about a student with multiple sclerosis, the University network Enlight, about research for tumor therapy, the new faculty networks in the Alumni Association and Christmas 2020 in Göttingen. Enjoy reading! You can get more insights into current developments at your
Alma Mater in the current issue of uni│inform.

Stories from the Alumni Network

Grow Beyond Expectations
If there was only one thing I could change within myself: which one would have the greatest positive effect on my life? With this question, the learning program Change Pod began. Thanks to the commitment of two alumni, the Alumni-Team was able to participate over a period of six months in this coaching. Sara and Johannes Willms, both alumni of the University, run their own coaching company willms.coaching in Göttingen. We give insights into a very special kind of coaching. Read more

Photo: willms.coaching

Stories of Our Students

Multiple Sclerosis – studying with a chronic illness
Judith is 26 years old and almost finished with her masters degree in mathematics and German. She is posting about a special topic on Instagram: Multiple sclerosis. @Copingmultiplesclerosis is the name of Judith’s Insta-Account which counts almost 1,800 followers. In her posts she reports about her life with a chronic illness and exchanges ideas with other affected people. “I didn’t really expect it to be so big after all,” Judith tells in the interview with the University Blog – BLUG. Read more

Photo: BLUG

News from the University

Network Enlight: "European University" in the making
The University of Göttingen is part of the European Enlight network. Enlight brings together nine research-intensive universities, which share a deep commitment to their social responsibility and a readiness to respond to the threats to our quality of life. The network focuses on tackling five global challenges: climate change, health and well-being, social inequality, the digital revolution and energy and circularity. Its mission is to contribute to the fundamental transformation of European Higher Education by empowering learners as globally engaged citizens. To this end, Enlight will establish the foundations of an integrated European University System with free movement of students and staff and sharing of resources. Read more

Photo: Jan Vetter

Insight into Research

Safely on the way to effective tumour cell killing
Chemists at the University of Göttingen have developed new cytotoxic drugs which could revolutionise antibody-based tumour therapy approaches. The research team succeeded in modifying the natural product Duocarmycin into “prodrug” formats – which means that it only develops its effect once inside the tumour cell, thus reducing the likelihood of potential side effects on passage through the body. The University has entered into an exclusive licence agreement with the biotechnology company Iksuda Therapeutics for onward development and commercialisation in cancer therapeutics. Read more

Image: Universität Göttingen

News from the Alumni Association

New faculty networks for law and medicine
Alumni of medicine and law have initiated their own faculty networks under the umbrella of Alumni Göttingen. Around 300 medical professionals and 500 lawyers in the Alumni Association can now look forward to exciting developments and activities and, if interested, help shape them. All alumni of both faculties are cordially invited to join in. Alumni faculty networks already exist in agricultural sciences, economics, forest sciences and forest ecology, as well as in mathematics and computer science. We will keep you up to date!

Photo: Alumni Göttingen, 2019

What's going on in Göttingen?

Christmas in Göttingen
This year the Göttingen Christmas market will not take place as usual either, but we do not have to do without the Christmas atmosphere. Large Christmas trees decorate both Wilhelmsplatz and the market. The trees have been shining since the first Advent and bring pre-Christmas shine to the old town of Göttingen. The garlands also shine in the shopping streets. We have taken pictures of the Göttingen city center for you and send you a festive Göttingen ambience home. We send festive pictures of the Göttingen ambience out into the world to our alumni. Check out the photos

Photo: Peter Heller

How Can I Get Involved?

We would like to invite you to pass on some of your experience, your know-how and your successes to your University and to today's generation of students. Whether with your personal story, a talk, workshop, as a mentor or with a donation – the possibilities are numerous. Learn more

Cooperate with the University
Alumni Göttingen is your bridge to the University. Contact our team, we will be happy to put you in touch with the right contact person in your Alma Mater.

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