In April we launched a Corona donations campaign. We are overwhelmed by the countless small and large donations, the final sum amounts to incredible € 91,000. With the help of our alumni, we were able to help many students at the University of Göttingen who are in need due to the corona crisis. Please continue to support us with your donation!

We have recently started alumni4alumni free services by Alumni for Alumni. Choose an offer, make an appointment and take advantage of free taster coaching, webinars or talks. The contact pool of Alumni with know-how and exciting jobs seems inexhaustible. You can support and learn a lot from each other. If you would like to offer a free trial service, please send us an email to

In this newsletter you will read about the future initiative of the Alumni Association, a student from Rwanda, the digital summer semester, research on sustainable palm oil and sheep in the Leineaue. Enjoy reading it! More news and stories from the University and from campus partners can be found in CampusPost. In corona times, the blog replaces our University newspaper uni|inform.

Stories from the Alumni Network

Interview with Justin Whittle
It was Justin Whittle’s first time in Europe, when he arrived in Göttingen back in 2019. Justin is an Australian Master Student for Sustainable International Agriculture (SIA) who did not have any connections and networks here before. The 10th anniversary of the program inspired Justin to found an official alumni chapter and create a sustainable community of former and current SIA students. We spoke with Justin about how to build a community like this and why it matters. Read more

Photo: Justin Whittle

Stories of Our Students

"What I learn here helps the whole world"
Albert Nsengumuremyi comes from Rwanda and has been studying Sustainable International Agriculture (SIA) at the Universities of Göttingen and Kassel since 2019. In CampusPost, the new blog of the Göttingen Campus, the 31-year-old uses his life story to explain why studying this master made his dream come true and what this has to do with the fair distribution of food resources. Read more in German

Photo: Neil Grabe

News from the University

Welcome to the digital summer semester!
The summer semester began on April 20. This semester is going to be special for everyone: studyin and teaching take place online. University President Prof. Dr. Reinhard Jahn, the Vice President for Studies, Teaching and Equal Opportunities, Prof. Dr. Andrea D. Bührmann, and AStA chair Felix Schabasian welcomed all students with a video. Watch video in German

Photo: University of Göttingen

Insight into Research

Sustainable palm oil? Environmental protection and poverty reduction
Palm oil is often associated with tropical deforestation above all else. However, this is only one side of the story, as agricultural scientists from the University of Göttingen and the IPB University Bogor (Indonesia) show in a new study. The rapid expansion of oil palm has also contributed considerably to economic growth and poverty reduction in local communities, particularly in Asia. Read more

Photo: K T Sibhatu

News from the Alumni Association

Future initiative with the UN-Sustainable Development Goals
Asmik Kostandyan has been working for the Alumni Association since the beginning of the year. She coordinates numerous alumni networks and the association's future initiative. In addition to the development of a business plan, this includes a concept for the UN-Sustainable Development Goals (SDG´s). The SDGs are linked to the University's founding principle "For the good of all" and are the foundation for future activities. A team of consultants consisting of alumni from different faculties accompanies the project. Read more in German

Photo: Alumni Göttingen

What's Going on in Göttingen?

Sheep in the River Meadow
The city of Göttingen started an extraordinary inner-city project concerning the Leine river meadow: In April 2020, grazing with sheep began to maintain the floodbed of the river Leine that flows through Göttingen. Leinesheep, a rare and endangered breed of livestock, from the local Gutinga sheep farm are now maintaining the landscape. The city of Göttingen wants to promote biodiversity with this project. While walking around the Leine you can now watch the sheep near the city and hear them graze. Read more in German

Photo: Alumni Göttingen

How Can I Get Involved?

How did your time as a student in Göttingen shape you? What life lessons did you gain? Which people are still present in your life? Looking back, how did your time as a student affect your career and personal development? Feel free to pass on some of your experiences, your know-how and your successes to your university and to today's generation of students. Whether as a mentor, lecturer or with your personal history - the possibilities to become engaged are numerous. Learn more

Cooperate with the University
The department Cooperation and Innovation is the central point of contact for joint activities of the University of Göttingen and its network. Find out more about the fields of work and the service - if you are interested in cooperating, our team is happy to assist and answer any queries or questions.

Photo: Frank Stefan Kimmel

Alumni Online Events

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