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In our newsletter you will find out more about our Alumni, the University guest student program for refugees, our new President Prof. Dr. Reinhard Jahn, the future need for more food and the new app Places of remembrance. We hope you enjoy reading it!

Check out the University magazine campus│inform for detailed insights into current developments in your Alma Mater.

Stories from the Alumni Network

Daimler Manager Katrin Adt in Göttingen
The first Göttingen Alumnae Conference organized by and with Alumni takes place on March 7th. The program offers lectures, discussions and workshops on a wide range of topics: from women and diversity on supervisory boards to feminist social start-ups. Katrin Adt, Alumna of law, holds the keynote speech "How permeable is the 'glass ceiling'? Experience from working in a large corporation". She answered some of our Alumni-questions in advance. Read more in German

Photo: Mercedes Benz AG

Stories of Our Students

Refugees Welcome: Guest Student Program
Three students, three stories, one program: Marwa, Nisrin and Wasey successfully completed the guest student program for refugees and are now students at the University of Göttingen. The University supports refugees who apply for academic courses in Germany. The program provides refugees with insights into everyday life in academia. The three students talk about their first days at Georgia Augusta, their favorite words in German and their experiences as guest auditors. Read more

Photo: BLUG

News from the University

Interview with University President Prof. Dr. Reinhard Jahn
"A fascinating University with great people". This is how Prof. Dr. Reinhard Jahn, President of the Georgia Augusta since December 2019, asseses the University and its members. The neurobiologist is emeritus director at the Max-Planck-Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Göttingen and Alumnus of the University of Göttingen. In his interview with campus|inform he talks about the University and the Göttingen Campus. Read more in German

Photo: Christoph Mischke

Insight into Research

How much will we eat in the future?
The amount of food needed to feed the world's population is vital to the future of humankind. To date, scientists mostly focused on affordability, health and production of food. However, researchers at the University of Göttingen have now analyzed how the actual quantity of food that people like to eat is likely to change. A rising Body Mass Index (BMI), which evaluates weight in relation to height, and an increasing body height lead to a marked increase in global calorie requirements. Read more

Photo: Lutz Depenbusch

What's Going on in Göttingen?

Places of remembrance of the Nazi era in Göttingen

Why is the Jüdenstraße called Jüdenstraße? Where did the book burning take place and how is it remembered? Students from the University of Göttingen designed a city tour to places of remembrance from the Nazi era. It is a self-guided tour of the city with different stations on Jewish life, the synagogue, forced labor, burning books, dismissing University staff and resistance. The tour can be downloaded for free in „Spot on – Demokratie auf der Spur“ in the AppStore and on Google Play. Read more in German

Photo: Universität Göttingen

How Can I Get Involved?

How did your time as a student in Göttingen shape you? What life lessons did you gain? Which people are still present in your life? Looking back, how did your time as a student affect your career and personal development? Feel free to pass on some of your experiences, your know-how and your successes to your university and to today's generation of students. Whether as a mentor, lecturer or with your personal history - the possibilities to become engaged are numerous. Learn more

Cooperate with the University
The department Cooperation and Innovation is the central point of contact for joint activities of the University of Göttingen and its network. Find out more about the fields of work and the service - if you are interested in cooperating, our team is happy to assist and answer any queries or questions.

Photo: Frank Stefan Kimmel

Our upcoming Alumni Events

Not yet a member of the Alumni Göttingen association?

Do you know other Alumni of the University of Göttingen and would like to support the Alumni Göttingen association? If you manage to advertise an Alumnus or an Alumna for the Alumni association who becomes a paying member, you will receive a hand-made and fairly produced Gänseliesel-chocolate by mail to thank you. Aktion „Alumni werben Alumni“.

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