In a digital world, data protection is of high relevance. Alumni Göttingen cares about the security of your data: That is why we have a dedicated data protection officer – alum of the Law Faculty, Alexander Döring. We interviewed Alex and asked about the impact of Göttingen on his further life and his personality.

Why did you decide to study in Göttingen?
An incomparable total package made up of closeness to the family, an inspiring university and city history, the central location in Germany and the friendly people you meet when looking for an apartment.

When I think of Göttingen, I think of ...
... the Gänseliesel and the view of the Leinetal.

What was an unforgettable experience for you during your time in Göttingen?
The games of the local basketball team (BG Göttingen) in the Lokhalle and of course the graduation ceremony in the auditorium on Wilhelmsplatz.

What was your favorite bar or your favorite place in Göttingen?
Favorite bar: Hansis Bierstübchen in the Rote Strasse. My favorite place was the tower of the St. Jacobi Church. The climb (272 steps) and the view are worth it!

Which university professor influenced you, or which courses impressed you most?
Professor Dr. José Martínez. Due to his seminar on "Sustainability as a legal concept" I got an internship position which later became a real job!

What was it that kept you from studying?
Coffee on campus of course! Every 90 minutes. In the late afternoon, it didn't necessarily have to be on campus ... and not necessarily coffee either...

What would you study if you could study again today?
Some of my friends studied Agricultural Sciences and I was impressed by the versatility of their courses. That would certainly be an exciting program for me.

What is your life motto?
Keep calm, radiate security!

Which place in Göttingen would you like to see again?
The yard of Börner district with live music and a local beer.

What tip do you have for students today?
Surround yourself with friends from different faculties and courses! It certainly doesn't hurt to go to a lecture in another subject, to see who is actually sitting there and what it is about.

What did motivate you to become a member of Alumni Göttingen?
I firmly believe in the positive effects that result from an exchange across generations. It's also a great way to keep in touch with the alma mater.

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