Hooray - it is done! For a long time Alumni Göttingen was supposed to get a fresh new look, especially our website was getting old. After twelve months of work we proudly present the new image of Alumni Göttingen. How did we get to this point? Let us look back at the development and especially the committed people that have lent us a hand.

At the beginning of 2020, we worked out new strategies for alumni work as part of the Future Initiative, and this naturally included a new image for the association. In the interview "Looking ahead – Alumni Göttingen is blazing new trails!" Asmik Kostandian, coordinator of the Future Initiative and employee of the association, reported on the plans.

The cornerstone for the new image was laid by a brand workshop. In the summer of 2020, the alumni team worked with alum Simon Riedel to elaborate the "Alumni Göttingen" brand. In this workshop, we reinvented our brand identity as well as vision&values. Simon Riedel supported the association with his expertise in marketing - we are incredibly grateful for his commitment.

In the next step, we worked with copywriter and alum Anja Danisewitsch to develop and revise texts for the website and newsletters. The alumna of the Faculty of Arts helped us to "translate" our ideas and our new brand identity into text. Together with her, we also wrote a stylebook, which gives us the skills to write good texts for our alumni. She also deserves our thanks for this invaluable commitment.

The last step was a general overhaul of the alumni portal: new structure, new colors, new logo. For this purpose, we entered into a cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences and Arts - HAWK at the end of 2020. The students of Professor Dominika Hasse, Chair for "Corporate & Editorial Design", presented us with ten great drafts for a new corporate design. We were spoiled for choice. Finally, we decided on the design by student Marina Liekefett – the new look for the website is the result of her creativity. Marina tells best herself what she thinks about the layout:

Marina, how did you come up with the logo – what ideas do you associate with it?
During my research, I came across the foundation medal of the University of Göttingen. Among other things, a globe is depicted on it. I think that a globe has a nostalgic traditional value, but can also reflect the connection of alumni, no matter where they are after their studies. Also, the geometric shape could easily be evolved and incorporated into any design.

What moment/task was most challenging for you? What are you most proud of in this project?
Most challenging was to adapt the globe to the 13 faculty logos and develop a matching color scheme. At the same time, this implementation is the one that excited me the most. We managed to adapt the globe as a figurative sign individually to the size and location of the faculty and thus developed 13 independent logos, which nevertheless all have a connection to the main logo of the Alumni Association.

Have you ever had such a cooperation during your studies?
My professor Dominika Hasse has already organized some exciting cooperations for the "Corporate Design Course", but this time it was the first time that a design for the website was actually implemented. I am very grateful, as this cooperation was the first experience that I got as a student. It is much more exciting and instructive when the „customer“ directly evaluates the ideas and you have a chance to realize your design.

How did you like the collaboration with the Alumni Association?
I worked closely with the alumni team during the finalization process. It was nice to have direct contact with the alumni team because all decisions could be finalized quickly and easily. It was a lot of fun to accompany this project from the beginning to the end.

You don't live in Göttingen. After this project, what do you associate with the city and the University of Göttingen?
It has definitely made me curious about the city and I will visit Göttingen as soon as I can relax again to take a look at the University live. In addition, I will certainly always associate Göttingen with the fact that I was able to realize my first major project here and hope that friends of mine from Göttingen will also become members of this association at some point and will be able to identify with the design.

We would like to sincerely thank all the dedicated and creative people who accompanied and supported us on the way to the new look. If you would also like to get involved with Alumni Göttingen, take a look at "How can I get involved?" or contact us.

How do you like the new look of the website www.alumni-goettingen.de? Feel free to drop us a line and give us feedback on the new site.

The interview was conducted by Joséphine Pröhl for Alumni Göttingen.

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