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... to all supporters who contributed and donated. Thanks to you, we were able to support quickly and easily numerous Göttingen students who were in financial need due to the corona crisis. Thanks to your commitment, the incredible € 90,975 have been donated so far. A big thank you goes to the Agricultural Alumni Section, who contributed significantly to the total with a donation of € 31,000. But without the donations from our Alumni from home and abroad, the professorship of the University of Göttingen and many friends, the overall result would not have been possible. In the meantime, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research has promised emergency support for students. Unfortunately, even with this, it is not possible to help everyone who urgently needs help. Please continue to support us with your donation!

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The Corona crisis is a challenge for our students too. Some of them are in need right now, as they can count neither on support from parents, nor on existing assistance from the national or regional government. International students and students with disabilities and chronic illnesses are particularly affected.

By consolidating efforts we want to ensure that no Göttingen student loses their chance to study due to the corona crisis.

International students cannot claim our social benefits. Due to language barriers, they have fewer opportunities to find one of the already scarce student jobs. Often their parents are unable to support them, especially if they themselves live in areas that are suffering the crisis more than we are. If returning home is not possible, the financial situation of those students worsens. In these cases, special help measures are necessary.

We ask for your help - if your personal situation allows it. Every contribution counts, because we are many!

Students with disabilities and chronic illnesses often have additional financial issues to resolve. Under the current conditions these are not fully secured for all. The Faculties are currently preparing online lectures for the summer semester. In view of this already challenging task, it will not be possible to guarantee extensive digital accessibility for those with special needs. Participation in online courses for everyone can only be ensured through additional offers such as language assistants, speech recognition software or special computers and larger screens.

Alumni Göttingen e.V. will forward your donations directly to the social fund of the Göttingen Studentenwerk (Offical Student Union). The fund has preexisting and reliable award mechanisms. They ensure that support is only granted to those really in need who have no opportunity to claim financial support elsewhere.

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