On Monday, May 27, the long-planned meeting of the Alumni Regional Group Hamburg took place on the premises of the Patriotic Society. It was an all-round evening of Alumni for Alumni: From the mediation of the venue to the individual contributions, Alumni of the University of Göttingen were always involved.

It was an all-round evening from alumni for alumni

Around 60 people arrived at 7 p.m. for the champagne reception, and from the beginning it was already clear how useful such a meeting is for networking and mutual exchange. Hosted by Prof. Dr. Hendrik Müller, the formal part of the evening began half an hour later, with the main aim of updating participants on various aspects of Göttingen and the University. Dr. Henneke Lütgerath, Chairman of the Board of the Joachim Herz Foundation and member of the Shareholders' Committee of M.M.Warburg & CO, kicked off the evening. Dr. Lütgerath is not only an alumnus himself but also a member of a six-member alumni family, with his wife and four sons, all of whom studied in Göttingen.
Katharina Kastendieck, Head of the Office of Cooperation and Innovation, which is responsible for alumni work, reported on current developments in the city and at the University. PD Dr. Alexander Thiele from the Department of Law then addressed the topic of "Democratic Responsibility in Stormy Times". Finally, Till Knepel, also an alumnus of the Department of Law, shared with the audience what basketball and the University have to do with networking, and how he personally profited from it both professionally and privately.

...a network lives from exchanges and from what we put into it. I support the efforts of the University of Göttingen not only to initiate support for current students and with the Alumni Network, but also to develop a platform for all of us that will strengthen our Göttingen connections here in Hamburg.

This part of the program was also the perfect transition to the presentation of the past and future activities of the Hamburg alumni: a first Stammtisch or standing meeting is planned for June (and will take place regularly afterwards) and opportunities for social commitment were also given. Thanks Stephan Freericks, and Glen Ganz!
The evening ended in the same good mood in which it had begun: with refreshments and numerous Hamburg alumni standing together visiting for a long time. Many thanks to the Göttingen Alumni Office and especially to Anne Marie Bessette for her energetic support!

Prof. Dr. Hendrik Müller

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