Increasingly more things and food are packed in plastic because it is versatile, inexpensive to produce and durable. At the same time, however, this places an enormous burden on the environment. Plastic is everywhere, whether on the beach, in the sea, or on the street. The Göttingen-based start-up "Kulero" now wants to market edible spoons as an alternative to plastic spoons. The founder Juliane Schöning is studying Indology at the University of Göttingen.

Photo: Ulrich Meinhard

Now the scoop on the spoons: edible spoons instead of plastic garbage! This is the business idea of the start-up group "Kulero" – which stands for spoon in Esperanto – and whose team members are Juliane Schöning, Kruvil Patel and Hemant Chawla. The founders offer an alternative to disposable plastic spoons, which usually end up in the garbage after only one use. The aim is to reduce the consumption of resources and plastics. The edible spoons consist only of cereal flour with the addition of different flavors, such as cacao, mint, a spice or vegetable. The spoons contain no flavor enhancers, are vegan, lactose-free and have a high-fiber content. According to the founders, they are also "extremely stable", so that they remain solid for a long time even in hot dishes such as soups. And afterwards they can be simply eaten instead of having to throw them away like their plastic counterparts.

The spoons are made in India, the homeland of founder Hemant Chawla. The spoons are already on the market there – and, Chawla emphasizes, disposable cutlery is now forbidden there. Germany is next in line targeting restaurants, ice cream parlors, snack bars and food-to-go establishments. In other words, wherever plastic cutlery is already used. An aim of the group is also to support regional farmers in India, as the project also creates jobs for impoverished people and provides an adequate living for its employees through good pay, insurance, and training. The founding team is also involved in developing other products such as edible forks and coffee stirrers. The three founders see great potential in their cereal cutlery. This would save "many tons of disposable cutlery," says Chawla. The team was advised by the start-up support Gründungsförderung staff of the University's Office of Cooperation and Innovation, who also send their best wishes for the team’s every endeavor.

Crowdfunding campaign: Essbares Besteck

Text: Kulero-Team

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