From the 20th to the 22nd of March, the German government reunited more than 42.000 people at a hackathon. The community was looking for innovative solutions to help society being supportive and emerge stronger from the current situation caused by Covid-19. Rahul Rakshit, Alumnus of the Faculty of Chemistry, participated in the hackathon and told us how it was. #WirVsVirus #ZumWohleAller

Why did you participate in the hackathon? What was your motivation?
I thought, I had the skills to help people and I wanted to contribute in finding solutions in this crisis. I don't seem to be the only person who thought so – 42.968 people joined the hackathon and everyone I spoke to in our group chat, in Slack or in the video call was motivated and wanted to do their best to help people.

Which idea did you get involved with?
Technically, I didn't contribute any idea. There were different types of participants. I only registered as "#1 Participant". The "#2 Project owner for challenges" had already given their ideas. The first evening, it took us with the team a few hours to choose from the 809 ideas in this document. Our solution is a platform where committed citizens can help in hospitals. If help is needed in a hospital to transport empty beds or hand out food, you do not need any medical training, only the hospitals and helpers have to be matched.

What you built in your team is just a prototype. What's next? Do you think the app you built would actually ease pressure on hospitals?
Yes, what we did is really just the first step. The jury is now evaluating 1.500 projects submitted this week!!! And, if our project is accepted, we have to see what we have to do and what support we get. Our group chat is still active and everyone is still motivated to continue working on the project.

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