The date for this year's Göttingen Alumni Day has been set: October 26, 2019! This is a chance to see friends and fellow students again in Göttingen. We are working on putting together an interesting and diverse program for you. We will keep you up to date at Registration is now possible here!

We would like to take this opportunity to give you an insight into University life and the Alumni Network. We hope you enjoy reading it.

Stories from the Alumni Network

Migrant Mama – an Undertaking by Manik Chander
"Mama Superstar" could be the book of the year. Manik Chander, alumna of the Master International Economics at the Department of Economics, is one of the project’s creators. It recounts a special friendship of women and 11 everyday heroines. Katharina Kastendieck, Head of the Alumni Office, spoke to Manik about the project. Full article (only in German)

Stories of Our Students

Geography Student and Environmental Activist
Her name has been on everyone's lips lately and she can be seen on numerous TV shows: Luisa Neubauer is one of the most famous faces of the "Fridays for Future" in Germany. The environmental activist is studying geography in Göttingen, and was supported last year through a Germany Scholarship from Dr. Heino Meerkatt, an alumnus of economics. The phenomenon of students demonstrating is more controversial than almost any other; it inspires and excites some, and has just as many critics - indifferent voices are never heard. Although at the moment Luisa can hardly save herself from press inquiries, she took time for a short telephone call with our colleague Asmik Kostandyan, whom she looked after as a Germany scholarship holder. Full article (only in German)

News from the University

The Phenomenon of the Blue Glasses
An unusual phenomenon has recently been observed in Göttingen, and at many University events: People wearing square sky-blue glasses. The President of the University wears them, as do students, professors, citizens – and, of course, our alumni. You wonder what this is all about? In Göttingen, the Forum Wissen is creating something unique, an innovative meeting place between science and society. Learn more about the new Knowledge Museum, and take part in the Alumni Donation Project!

Insight into Research

AgrarDebatten - Commentary from the Scientific Agricultural Community
Can new breeding technologies secure the world's food supply? Are consumers willing to spend more money on "fair trade"? Can crop protection and biodiversity be combined? The blog AgrarDebatten is aimed at a broad target group - including non-scientists - in order to provide objective information and various perspectives on the emotional discourses frequently held on agricultural science. Articles, interviews and video contributions provide interested parties with a wide range of insights into top current issues. Click here to go to the AgrarDebatten blog.

What's Going on in Göttingen?

The End of the Tangente!
Do you still remember dancing through the night at Tangente? In December 2018 the cult disco in the Goetheallee closed after 37 years. The reasons are obviously complex. On the one hand, the demand for evening entertainment in clubs among young people has long ago ceased to be as great as in earlier years. On the other hand, the indie music scene in Göttingen, whose meeting place was the club, had waned - and was getting on in years. We asked alumni of the university about their memories. Full article (only in German)

How Can I Get Involved?

How did your time as a student in Göttingen shape you? What life lessons did you gain? Which people are still present in your life? Looking back, what role did this time of study play in your career? We would like to cordially invite you to pass on some of your experiences, your know-how and your successes to your university and to today's generation of students. Whether with your personal history, a lecture, as a mentor or with a donation - the possibilities are numerous. Learn more

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