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The pandemic and the switch to the digital mode in the summer semester meant the loss of what made up our own student days: encounters, exciting discussions, new impulses, friends for life, great celebrations and so much more. All of this disappears if the courses are completely virtual. This hits international students and freshmen particularly hard. How do you make contacts, where do you find friends?

The Presidium and the faculties of the University have given intensive thought to how the study conditions for the winter semester can be improved. The concentrated scientific competence onsite was consulted in order to set up an experiment: in cooperation with the University Medicine and other research institutes on Göttingen Campus such as the Max Planck Institute for Experimental Medicine, university-wide voluntary corona tests are to be offered to enable students and researchers to work increasingly and safely in presence. Some US and European universities have already embarked on this path with success. Georgia Augusta is a pioneer in Germany with this project. Our experience can thus benefit other universities.

We need your help to implement the plan! The university cannot manage such a wide range of tests alone with the increasingly tight university budget: With 30 euros you enable one of around 30,000 students to take part in the course in person. Remember what made your student days so special. With your contribution you can now return that to a student today. The Universitätsbund Göttingen supports the project and our fundraising campaign with a sum of € 30,000, doubling each donation.

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The experiment for studying together
What does the University gain from these tests? They make it possible to monitor the development of the pandemic within the University much more precisely, especially if as many as possible take part in the voluntary tests. Reliable figures will be measurable about the "degree of contamination", which at present can only be roughly extrapolated. The risk of every course can be better estimated. If there should be an outbreak, we will be faster at getting it under control and take targeted action instead of having to close large parts of the University again. This would be a huge step forward in the face of an otherwise widespread uncertainty, and it is a way of returning to a somewhat more normal and less risky university life. You can find detailed information and background information on the planned university corona tests here.

Studying during the pandemic – first conclusions
68% of students stated in a survey that social isolation was a major challenge of the digital summer semester. Academic performance also suffered: on average, our students only achieved 50 to 75% of their semester goals under the new circumstances. If you are curious, you can find detailed results of the surveys carried out among our students and teachers here.

The alumni network for the good of all
The founding motto of our University "For the good of all" is particularly significant this year. In May we sent you an appeal for donations and, thanks to countless alumni donations, were able to help many students who were in need due to the corona crisis. Alumni living to Göttingen are currently committed to help international newcomers by buying groceries for them, as the latter have to go into self-isolation when arriving in Göttingen. Once again, we received many donations for the Deutschlandstipendium scholarship, which we can use to support individuals in this particularly challenging time. For the good of all – that is what connects us. The students and we are infinitely grateful for the heartwarming support.

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