On Saturday, May 25, 2019, the Alumni Göttingen Jurist Network held their spring event in the Paulinerkirche. Professor Emeritus Jörg-Martin Jehle, welcomed guests and gave insight into the current developments of the Law Department. Dinah Stollweck-Bauer, alumna and co-planner of the event, facilitated the afternoon.

The main program was an entertaining lecture by Alumnus Wilfried Ahrens, born in 1950, who studied and completed his doctorate at the University of Göttingen, and until 2016 was senior public prosecutor at the public prosecutor's office in Göttingen. While at the University he was already collecting sayings of his German teacher, who would later become his tutor. It was clear that even a serious professional life could not put an end to this passion. He therefore gave the lecture in his field of specialty: legal bloopers and curiosities, from his latest book: In dubio torero. This article from the Bonner Rechtsjournal, based on an earlier lecture, gives an idea of the fun involved.

Following this lively presentation, which required a high level of concentration (in order not to miss any play on words) and generated much laughter, students Isabel Knittel and Hannah Stöcken, Solá Tschaeschel, and Law Department Staff and Alumna Katja-Isabell Kohler presented current projects: the Refugee Law Clinic, the working group Gender and Law, as well as the project Efficient Practical Study Period of the Faculty of Law.

Many further conversations then took place at a champagne reception, which among other things led to the idea of setting up a regional network in Frankfurt, and networking lawyers in commercial enterprises. The network meeting then ended with an extremely interesting tour through the university archive guided by archive director Dr. Holger Berwinkel.

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