Laura Breitsameter received her PhD from the Center of Biodiversity and Sustainable Land Use (CBL) at the University of Göttingen. The alumna founded the foundation WissenWecken and it is her mission to promote education, research and communication in the field of sustainable land use and the protection of the biosphere. In an interview, she reports on her plans with the foundation and her studies in Göttingen.

How did the WissenWecken Foundation come about?
I am passionate about sustainable land use. I have always loved nature and it is important to me to contribute to the preservation of biological diversity on our planet. That is why I founded WissenWecken gGmbH. It supports people and projects who want to devote themselves to the development of sustainable land use. With the WissenWecken Foundation, I enable other people to advance this important cause and stay very close to the matter.

How does the creation process of the foundation relate to your commitment at the University?
The WissenWecken Foundation offers both financial support and mentoring for students, scientists and other people committed to sustainable land use. With this I would like to pass on something of what inspired me during my time at the University of Göttingen: I not only got the tools for scientific work, among other things through my participation in a mentoring program, but above all an inspiring exchange with colleagues and mentors. If a project in land use is to function successfully, the dialogue between the parties involved is crucial: both the economic and ecological perspectives must be incorporated. The work of the foundation places particular emphasis on this connection in land use systems. In this respect, my work at the CB has shaped me very much.

What does it mean for you to be an alumna of the University of Göttingen?
When I think of my study period, I think of many sociable moments and the team spirit and friendship in my work group. The Dorothea Schlözer program gave me a feeling of community within this network with colleagues from a wide variety of faculties. That is why I still feel very close to the University of Göttingen and for this same reason I support the Deutschlandstipendium scholarship through my foundation.

Please complete the following sentence: When I think of Göttingen, I think of ...
... the convivial evenings in the cozy pubs in the old town, the beautiful old botanical garden on the Wall and the pretty tradition of kissing the Gänseliesel for a doctorate.

What do you wish for the WissenWecken Foundation?
That it will be known in Göttingen and beyond; will support many students, scientists and projects. The WissenWecken gGmbH foundation is a non-profit company and finances its work from donations. Therefore, I am very happy to have more sponsors.

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