2020 was the first virtual Alumni-Day at the University of Göttingen and we are thrilled. Our conclusion: The virtual Alumni-Day was a success and in the future we will integrate digital formats into the Alumni-Day in order to have alumni from around the world among us. It was so nice to see over 100 alumni online and to exchange memories of Göttingen in the speed dating! We, the Alumni-Team, had a lot of fun and not only us: Over 90% of the participants were enthusiastic about Alumni-Day 2020 and 80% would recommend the event to others.

For everyone who would like to get to know other alumni, here are our digital networking options:

Decide to become a member of the Association so that Alumni Göttingen can ensure that the Göttingen Spirit accompanies you for a lifetime. You are already a member of the Association!? Inspiring connections is our motto – help us to inspire others!

Musical greetings go out into the world to all our alumni with the YouTube links to the songs Göttingen by Barbara and Göttingen by Flooot.

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