We have a garden! Thanks to the generosity of a friend of the Alumni Association, Alumni Göttingen started its own garden project with the three project partners SIA Alumni Network, Foyer International and Stiftung WissenWecken. The allotment garden by the Kiessee is enlivened with agricultural and social activities. Right now when indoor activities are not an option for students, this outdoor space offers great opportunities.

In the alumni office, we were thrilled when a few weeks ago a friend and sponsor of Alumni Göttingen offered us to use his beautiful allotment garden in an idyllic location on the edge of the field, not far from the Kiessee, for our activities and encounters. In the overgrown garden, which is still somewhat enchanted, there are various fruit trees and berry bushes. It offers a lot of open space for good ideas. We immediately started looking for partners and found what we were looking for:

The dynamic alumni network of the Sustainable International Agriculture Master (SIA), founded in 2019, will create a vegetable garden using the methods of sustainable agriculture and thus apply the knowledge acquired during the course. They will use the vegetables to produce their own SIA pickle and sell it at the local market. Students and alumni of the SIA network can meet here while gardening. The project is funded by our alumna Laura Breitsameter's foundation WissenWecken, which is currently being established. This link is also a wonderful coincidence: Laura Breitsameter herself did her doctorate at the Centre of Biodiversity and Sustainable Land Use University of Göttingen and her heartfelt concern is to support education, research and communication in the field of sustainable land use and the protection of the biosphere with her foundation. We will be introducing you here shortly with an interview.

The Foyer International, which organizes workshops as a meeting place for international students and locals, has had to stop all offers since the lockdown. The digital formats did not pick up - the purpose of their activities is simply to meet others and for the students spending hours in front of their screens due to the digital summer semester, spending leisure time online did not work out. The garden now offers the opportunity to hold workshops outdoor - while respecting the necessary social distancing rules etc. - and to actively support the SIA gardeners in their work.

Our patrons are the MacLean-Erkelenz Foundations, for whom the promotion of education, research, young scientists and personal development is a matter close to their hearts. For Alumni Göttingen it is a great enrichment to complement our activities "for the benefit of all" for alumni and students with a beautiful garden. We are very grateful for the support and look forward to working with the SIA network, Foyer International and the WissenWecken foundation!

The SIA Alumni Network is an interdisciplinary and international Masters network that is part of the Alumni Association. It consists of three disciplines: tropical agriculture, agribusiness and organic farming. The SIA network, founded in 2019, brings together more than 400 students and alumni from all over the world.

The Foyer International works as a subdivision of the International Office of the University of Göttingen. It offers a platform for all students, regardless of their nationality and background, to meet and spend time together. It offers free language workshops, theater or painting courses and is a great place for encounter and leisure.

The WissenWecken Foundation is a non-profit organization that promotes research, application and educational projects on sustainable land use. Its aim is to apply ideas and concepts for sustainable land use in order to "bring knowledge to life". The projects should develop a wide range through publications or the establishment of permanent facilities.

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