The Alumni Leadership Forum is a follow-up event to the Strategic Planning Retreat at the Göttingen Alumni-Day 2016. The Forum is open to all Alumni, including those who couldn´t take part in a prior meeting.

The best alumni initiatives at leading universities around the world are created and managed by alumni themselves – not by professional staff. Alumni who create their own programs are far more likely to willingly, and successfully, implement and manage the programs. The role of professional staff is to enable the alumni volunteers —through leadership education and administrative support – to best motivate and inspire other alumni through meaningful and fulfilling initiatives.

Leadership of volunteers is different than leadership of employees. Volunteers cannot be told what to do. Volunteers don’t have to give their time. They must want to give their time. They must be inspired, and this requires a different set of management “tools.”

The purpose of this forum is to introduce alumni at Göttingen to the leadership dynamics that essential to creating and implementing volunteer initiatives. The discussions are designed to motivate and inspire interested Göttingen alumni, and to equip them with the right tools to shape the future of alumni relations at Göttingen. The Forum will include presentations and discussion of Göttingen’s institutional goals and priorities, volunteer recruitment and management, and best practices from other universities.


The program will be conducted in seminar (rather than lecture) format encouraging group discussion and participation. Real life alumni opportunities and challenges will be used for the basis of discussion applying the theoretical to the practical and shaping volunteer leadership decisions. Several texts will be offered to participants for optional reading to supplement the discussions.

Download the agenda for the event by clicking here.


21. January 2017, 10:30 h
Alumni organization
Wilhelmsplatz 3, 37073 Göttingen, Germany
+49 551 3926211

Assigned documents

Alumni Leadership Forum Agenda

Agenda of Alumni Leadership Forum on January 21, 2017

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