2nd Göttingen Campus Postdoc Workshop

Monday 19 December, 3-5 pm
Musiksaal, Wilhelmsplatz


3.00-3.15 Short introduction (Camille)

3.15-3.20 Introduction on existing offers & services for Postdocs at the Göttingen Campus (Dorthe)

3.20-3.25 How could our Göttingen Postdoc portal look like? (Judith and Daniela)

3.25 Introducing group work (Camille)

3.30 First group work session: What information are you hoping to find in your Postdoc portal? (20 min group work, 20 min reporting and discussion)

4.10 Second group work session: How can the information be best presented and accessed? (20 min group work, 20 min reporting and discussion)

4.50 General discussion and conclusion, next steps

5.00 End of meeting; everybody is welcome to stay in the room until 5.30


19. December 2016, 15:00 h
Göttingen Campus Postdocs
Musiksaal, Wilhelmsplatz 1