Data is everywhere, but rarely used strategically and in a way that profits from advanced analytics. Based on data analysis, we can all take better and informed decisions:

How efficient is my running training?
Which doctor has a proven expertise in treating my illness?
How do I recognize fake news?
How does marketing analysis work?

Alumna Dr. Annika Bergbauer will cover these and other cases of implementing data analysis in her Alumni Göttingen Online talk on September 29. She will describe how data analysis works, present success stories and stories of failure of data projects in business and research.

Dr. Annika Bergbauer is a tech economist and data expert. In her podcast Datenaffaire, she discusses inspiring applications of data analysis with her guests from business and science. She works as a senior consultant at the IT and management consultancy Q_PERIOR AG and enables her customers to make data-driven decisions.


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29. September 2021, 19:00 o'clock
Chapter Wirtschaftswissenschaften