About the project

With the future initiative, we are creating a space for inspiration paired with strategic thinking. Together with alumni experts, students and employees of the university, we will develop a future concept by the beginning of 2021 that promotes and strengthens both our alumni and the University of Göttingen.

The future initiative includes:
• Revised brand image
• Business plan
• Communication concept
• Membership campaign
• Opportunities for engagement

Our vision

Alumni Göttingen e. V. is an international and intercultural community of alumni, students, relatives and friends of the University of Göttingen. As a non-profit association, we establish contacts, create a global network and work for the future of the University: for equal opportunities in academic education and personal development, scientific progress and knowledge exchange. We want to become inspiring pioneer of alumni work at public universities in German-speaking countries. We aim to implement today's plans by 2025. Our motto is: Together for the common good of society.
With Alumni Göttingen e. V. you are part of a network that supports you in learning and growing throughout your life. What defines us is reflected in our values: to be connected, inspiring and curious. For a lifetime.

One campus. For a lifetime.


The future has already started. We have been working on the new strategy since summer 2020. We look forward to many motivated thinkers who support us - alumni, students and university members. We are getting closer to our goal step by step. Read for yourself:

12 June 2020 Brand Workshop

Together with alumnus Simon Riedel, the alumni team formulated the brand identity and brand values for the Alumni Association. Conclusion: We want to inspire, connect and keep you curious.

26 June 2020 1st Task Force Meeting Future Initiative Alumni Göttingen

Kick-off event of the task force and first opportunity for everyone to get to know everyone involved. You can see who is involved in the portraits.

9 July 2020 CANVAS - Business Model for Alumni Göttingen e.V.

What can we offer our alumni? What income and expenses do we have? What key resources do we have? What activities do we currently offer? - And many other questions have to be answered for our business plan, which reflects the structural and financial development of the Association. Based on this, we develop a new business and membership model in the course of the year.

21 July 2020 Integration of Sustainability Goals

Sustainability is a trending topic and should not be missing in future alumni work. Under the leadership of alumnus Arved Lüth, consultant in the field of CSR & SDGs, and Marco Lange, head of the Green Office at the University of Göttingen, we discussed the role of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the future business plan. We don't want to greenwash or just follow a trend. As pioneers, we want to show transparently which SDGs our alumni and the University are pursuing.

11 August 2020 Engagement Opportunities for Alumni and Students

How can alumni and students get involved in the Alumni Association? In a small group, with two student representatives from the future initiative, the possibilities for student involvement were intensively dealt with. These are major conclusions:

  • The commitment of alumni and students should not be delimited from one another, as the cooperation between alumni and students is a great enrichment for both sides.
  • For students, the fun factor (doing something meaningful with nice people) is the deciding factor in volunteering. In general, commitment must always be appropriately recognized.
  • Donation options should be varied so that there is something of interest for everyone.

These points are taken into account in the engagement portfolio.

9 September 2020 Business plan and Alumni Göttingen e.V. statutes

Together with representatives of the association, the sections and a visitor of the University Medical Center Göttingen, we discussed the structure of the association, costs, income as well as changes to the statutes. Here are a few key points:

  • A hybrid general meeting, offline and online, is desirable for more participation of the association members.
  • A proposal for a section model is that the management can act independently to a certain extent and that there are only one set of rules of procedure that apply to all sections.
  • Membership fees should remain personal; it is necessary to reconsider who can become a member and what rights come with membership.

Next step: After individual feedback from the participants, we revise the association's statutes and rules of procedure. We then submit these to the Board of Management for voting.

16 September 2020 Brainstorming on the membership campaign

The membership campaign should reflect the association's values, be humorous and entertaining. It is important to have a general narrative that addresses all target groups, as well as individual actions for the respective target groups.

28 October 2020 Briefing of the HAWK Students on the Development of the Corporate Design

Corporate design and the imagery of the Association will in future convey our new brand values connecting, inspiring, curious as well as our brand core inspiring connections. For this, we work together with the Faculty of Design at the HAWK in Hildesheim. The drafts for the future corporate design of Alumni Göttingen will be developed in a student competition. We look forward to the results and are looking into the possibility of further cooperation with the student project laboratory of the HAWK.

Alumni Göttingen e.V. thanks its sponsors - the AKB Foundation and GETEC Energie Holding GmbH for promoting the future initiative.